Success Stories

Scientific measuring instrument

The Brief:

Abelon’s client is an established manufacturer of high precision optical measuring instruments for the scientific, medical and academic markets. They had previously had a particular instrument developed by a third party but now wanted to bring the design back in house to gain greater control of the product features. However as they did not have the requisite embedded systems design expertise internally, they turned to Abelon to develop the required control system.

Our Approach:

Using the core electronics design proposed by the client, Abelon implemented a feature-rich embedded control system for the instrument and delivered a fully working solution within the extremely tight deadlines required for a customer demonstration.

The control system is responsible for managing a number of stepper motors and other peripherals to an extremely high degree of accuracy and the firmware that was delivered was demonstrated to exceed the required accuracy by some margin, allowing the client to offer even greater levels of performance to their customers.


The end result is an instrument capable of meeting the exacting standards of accuracy and repeatability which are crucial to the end user. This also provides a platform which is a firm base for development of future models of the instrument without having to be redesigned or having to achieve a greater degree of accuracy. The new instrument is now proving very popular with customer and we continue to work with our client to develop further versions.