Process Control & Data Acquisition

Abelon design process control and data acquisition systems that provide reliable, cost-effective real-time monitoring, management and control solutions. Our mission is to help you transfer sensitive data reliably, accurately and efficiently – that’s why our systems are amongst the most sophisticated available.

Process control and data acquisition systems

We can implement systems using either bespoke hardware designs or standard commercial components and open communications standards.

This allows us to create products which are modular and extensible to suit a wide variety of industries and applications.

From subsea control systems through smart electricity and gas meters to scientific and medical instruments, Abelon have the breadth of expertise to cope with any challenge.

Control Systems

Control systems can present many challenges and there is often a requirement to integrate new controllers with legacy peripherals which are not easily replaced, or simply continue to provide a reliable solution.

Our designs have been used in sub-sea control systems in the harshest of environments where reliability is a crucial factor and maintaining communications is critical. Abelon was asked to design and develop the system software for a new generation of communication systems and the end result is a robust, highly reliable communications system with remote upgrade capability and fail-safe operation even under error conditions.

Abelon offer a turnkey embedded application design service, from initial requirements gathering, through to system design and deployment.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition systems form a crucial part of many real-world applications but are often taken for granted, relying on legacy technology to carry out data-gathering tasks.

Abelon is familiar with many of these older technologies such as field bus systems and can either integrate new components to enhance performance and reliability or replace the systems altogether to provide a state-of-the-art solution e.g. use of mobile communications to replace or enhance the system.

Alternatively, we can design bespoke software and hardware solutions to meet your needs where no suitable commercial products exist. This guarantees you the best possible outcome for your business.

Remote Management & Monitoring

In an increasingly smart world, remote measurement, data acquisition and asset control are becoming the norm. The Internet of Things is becoming all-pervasive with autonomous sensors and monitoring systems being deployed in many new and innovative scenarios.

With field populations into the millions of systems, scalability and system automation are essential. Using techniques developed for the smart metering market where reliability and accuracy of data gathering and management are crucial, we have the knowledge to develop robust and scalable management systems to fulfil this role.

Equally important is the need for data and system security.

Sending data across any network is insecure and you need cast iron security technology to authenticate and encrypt your high-value data. Abelon are data security specialists and we can deploy hardware-assisted and firmware encryption systems, authentication, key distribution and management.

Importantly, we can secure your application’s encryption technology from manufacture through to field deployment, making system and data security part of the solution.

Our Capabilities
  • Abelon designs data acquisition and process control systems that provide cost-effective real-time monitoring, management and industrial control solutions
  • Implemented around the integration of standard off-the-shelf hardware platforms and open communications standards, these systems are modular and extensible to suit a wide variety of industries and applications
  • Our open platform approach has several advantages over systems from proprietary controller vendors. By selecting the best components, technologies and networking from a range of vendors, we can always provide the most up-to-date, flexible, best-performing and cost-effective solution
  • With Abelon’s retrofit services, we can provide an ideal upgrade path for proprietary legacy systems
  • With zero compromise on security and thanks to our advanced skills in data encryption and reliability, you could benefit from the most up-to-date, flexible, cost-effective and highest-performing system in your industry.