Success Stories

Blood analysis system

The Brief:

Abelon’s client is an innovative R&D branch of a leading Scottish university.  The enterprise has developed and patented a new technique for the detection of pathogens in the blood.  With an aim to roll out the technique industry-wide, the client approached Abelon to design and develop robust firmware for this prototype blood analysis system.

Our Approach:

In conjunction with an industrial design company, Abelon developed the electronics and firmware to drive the test protocols and accurately record analysis results.  The system features a sophisticated PID-based control algorithm in order to precisely control and monitor test processes.  It also provides a unique and flexible way for scientists to reconfigure the system or add new test protocols without having to modify the firmware in any way. 

Furthermore, thanks to an innovative design, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the system to aid its commercial viability.  The result is a highly useable platform for experiments.


By employing a multi-skilled approach, Abelon was able to apply technologies in new and innovative ways to create an utterly unique, commercially viable, robust system for the client – and we continue to work together to optimise design and functionality.  This novel approach has enabled our client to move towards full commercialisation of the analysis system which in turn aims to benefit the healthcare sector across the UK.