Success Story

Aquatic Mammal Deterrent System

The Brief:

Abelon’s client is a spin-out from a leading Scottish university with a reputation for pioneering work in the field of marine mammal research. The client approached Abelon to help commercialise a patent held by the university in order to develop an aquatic mammal deterrent system for use around fish farms or off shore drilling sites to prevent wild life from encroaching.

Our Approach:

In conjunction with an industrial design company, Abelon developed the electronics and firmware to create an intelligent system capable of implementing the patented deterrent techniques.

Using Low Power Radio (LPR) transceivers with a bespoke proprietary communications protocol we were able to provide a flexible, scalable solution to meet any size of deployment, and a back haul channel capable of using either GSM or satellite communications provided remote management capabilities to allow the system to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.


By using Abelon’s extensive experience of communication and embedded system design we have developed a completely new and innovative solution to an ongoing problem for fish farms and other applications where aquatic mammals need to be deterred. Prototype deployments have been made in the Orkney and Shetland Islands with a view to evaluating the next steps towards commercialisation of the system.