Success Stories

Intelligent security communications module

The Brief:

Our client is a world leader in the delivery of intelligent security systems who required additional resources to help develop a new communications module. The hardware was to be designed by the client and Abelon was responsible for verifying the hardware capabilities and providing the necessary firmware to run on the new board.

Our Approach:

Abelon worked with the client’s hardware engineering team as they developed the prototype PCBs, providing technical insight and participating in hardware design reviews to ensure that the first prototype boards were in fact very close to the finished product.

We then ported a new real-time operating system to the new hardware, adding the required device drivers and then porting the embedded application code to provide the required functionality. Finally, we provided an exhaustive test harness to demonstrate the capabilities of the new module which could also be used to configure and verify newly manufactured boards as they arrive from the factory.


The end result was a module which had all the required functionality and which was delivered promptly to meet customer demands. Abelon are now short-listed as approved suppliers to this international organisation and have since carried out a number of other successful projects.