Success Stories

Medical laboratory test system

The Brief:

Abelon’s client is a UK-based medical devices company, developing cutting-edge technology for the self-monitoring and point-of-care industry.  A significant amount of time and investment is allocated to new product development.  Thus the company required embedded firmware and user application for its latest line of Lab Test Equipment, with an emphasis on 100% accuracy and reliability.

Our Approach:

Existing processors had insufficient memory to support a commercial operating system so Abelon built an embedded system ‘from the ground up’.  We developed a bespoke lightweight scheduler suitable for the available memory.  The user interface was written in LabView with a number of custom extensions.  The firmware was designed for a complex, modular, multi-processor embedded system where measurement accuracy and precise timing were paramount.  Efficiency of operation was second to none and the system allowed for the collection of vast amounts of accurate data, used to validate investigative work.


The end result is an embedded system which is fully field upgradeable. This provides a platform which allows additional functionality for future variants. Furthermore, despite the complexity of the system, its design is simple and easy to operate for those who are not I.T. or embedded specialists. The system Abelon designed has now been rolled out for use on a wider scale and we continue working with the medical devices company to develop future innovative products.

"The work Abelon has done for us recently on the product development with respect to firmware and user interface has been a fantastic body of work."
Senior Engineer