Web Enabled Applications

Abelon’s multi-skilled team can provide a wide range of web-enabled application and device solutions to suit your digital needs.

Web-enabled solutions

Monitor and access your web-based system via a range of platforms and devices.

Given the rapid advances in technology, it is vital to ensure your website is a living and breathing entity. It should offer multi-platform functionality and content – and provide you optimum productivity/profitability.

Companies rely on web-enabled applications to facilitate the smooth-running of their sites which may include an e-Commerce or line-of-business function, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relations Management. 

Web Services

At the forefront of cutting edge technology

Dedicated standalone applications are migrating into the cloud and being accessed via thin client Web applications. Machine-to-machine Web Services are now the foundation of today’s multi-tiered systems. Abelon is at the cutting edge of this technology, integrating mobile embedded systems and data aggregation services with back office workflow applications.

J2EE, SOAP, SQL, MQTT, CoAP and Ajax are just some of technologies that we combine to provide leading-edge systems. Your product can also benefit directly from our experience of mobile platform development and the cloud APIs of Amazon Web Services and Google. We develop application and web interfaces that communicate with connected objects and exchange data with IoT devices using JSON and lightweight RESTful APIs.

It is also increasingly common to find a Web-server embedded within a device, such as a cable modem or firewall. This server provides a powerful point-and-click configuration interface that requires no additional software to be installed on the user’s PC.

Whether your application is running on an embedded system or on multiple servers with a full database for data storage, Abelon’s design services can meet your needs. We can tackle anything from a small application such as an administration interface for your embedded device to a multi-server Web site.

Abelon is adept at designing and implementing a fully integrated end-to-end solution. From the choice of Web and database server technologies, to the implementation of Web front-end and back-end applications, you can trust us across your entire project.

Many Web-enabled applications make use of databases for the reliable storage of data. We can identify and utilise the technology most appropriate for you to provide database access. Whether it’s the Perl or PHP database access libraries or C application interfaces like ODBC or via protocols such as SOAP/XML and CORBA, we’re familiar with many applications.

Data acquisition systems form a crucial part of many real world applications but are often taken for granted, relying on legacy technology to carry out data gathering tasks.

Abelon is familiar with many of these older technologies such as field bus systems and can either integrate new components to enhance performance and reliability or replace the systems altogether to provide a state-of-the-art solution e.g. use of mobile communications to replace or enhance the system.

Our capabilities:

  • Design of 3-tier web applications – specialising in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture with backend database server
  • Embedding lightweight web-server applications within embedded systems
  • Developing front and back-end applications written in C/C++, PHP and other scripted languages
  • Provision of web services interface to back office applications
  • Remote database – access service via interfaces/protocols
  • Database access, design, management and integration – identifying the latest and most appropriate technology (e.g. via Perl or PHP database access libraries; C application interfaces e.g. ODBC; via protocols e.g. SOAP/XML, CORBA)