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Enabling the Next Generation of Smart Meters

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Embedded software specialist, Abelon Systems, has worked with EDMI to develop a leading-edge smart gas meter for EDMI’s customers in the global energy industry worldwide.

Abelon Systems worked alongside EDMI to develop pioneering and innovative firmware, enabling standalone communications and a metering application that is flexible for use across different domestic and global markets.

Ian Smith, Managing Director of Abelon systems said:

“Abelon Systems recognises that building a well-structured application development environment is the foundation of successful product development. Our wealth of experience in developing embedded systems applications and ability to build technically complex products supported EDMI to deliver a major technology project on time.

“Throughout the development process, we were aware of the challenges regarding security of energy supply and the need for a supremely reliable product. Working closely with EDMI, we successfully supported the delivery of a standalone communications and metering application platform that represents the next generation of smart meters.”

Eric Beattie, Vice President, Gas Division, EDMI, said:

“Having worked with Abelon Systems before, we knew we could rely on them to deliver a first class service within our extremely tight timescales. Abelon’s expansive technical expertise and knowledge of complex systems development has enabled EDMI to retain its position at the forefront of smart metering and technology compliance. This was evidenced during a successful first showcase of the Smart Gas Meter G6000 during European Utility Week 2013.”

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G6000 Smart Gas Meter

The EDMI G6000 Smart Gas Meter is directly supported in a market-leading low power design. Its features include integrated communications from GSM, GPRS; fully manageable remote asset; secure delivery of data, alarms, advanced fraud protection and remote firmware upgrade plus roaming across all global mobile networks to provide maximum coverage potential.

Abelon Systems are a UK based embedded systems design consultancy specialising in command and control systems, process control and data acquisition. Our main markets are the Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Medical Device sectors, but the ubiquitous nature of the technology we use means it can be applied to many other sectors.

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