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Abelon Systems partner, OnStream, wins two awards at European Smart Metering Awards

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Abelon is delighted to announce that its partner, OnStream, has triumphed at the European Smart Metering Awards, wining both the Metering Manufacturer & Technology of the Year and the Innovation of the Year awards. This accolade recognises the success of Onstream’s smart meter which launched last year.

Abelon Systems Limited was chosen by Onstream to develop the smart metering application firmware and server technology for their leading-edge smart meter platform. The meters themselves, are fully compliant with the latest smart metering standards, but are also fully upgradeable and future-proofed to meet the needs of the rapidly developing UK market. The meters use the mobile communication network and crucially the ability to select any operator’s network to achieve best connectivity. The model range also features the first standalone gas meter with a dedicated communications.

“We are proud that we have been recognised for our innovative approach with these industry awards. We have received very positive feedback from the industry for this meter, and it is gratifying to have that reinforced in this way,” said Keith Hawkins, Strategy and Smart Development Manager for OnStream . “With the national roll-out of smart meters in the UK due to commence next year, it is vital that we line up the best possible technology to support the project’s success.”

Ian Smith, Managing Director of Abelon added: “We are delighted that Onstream has been recognised by the Industry in this way. Credit goes to all the technology partners who contributed to the project. As the embedded system providers Abelon look forward to continuing to support the smart metering industry.”


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