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Abelon Systems Present at Scottish Device Developer Conference

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Edinburgh based embedded systems company Abelon recently presented at The Scottish Device Developers’ Conference held on 5th June 2014 at Uphall near Edinburgh.

Abelon Systems Managing Director Ian Smith presented a talk on “Hardware Integration Choices – Make versus Buy”, and used examples from case studies from a number of Abelon client projects to highlight some of the trade-offs and decisions which were made, and the impact they had on reducing overall cost and design timescales

Interface board

“The integration of hardware components and subsystems from different vendors is often a challenge, particularly when trying to create a robust and reliable solution,” said Ian Smith.

“In an increasingly commoditised electronics market there are often “Make or Buy” decisions to be made around key choices such as processor board or communications modules, and there are advantages and disadvantages to either strategy, the final design often including aspects of both. I will be talking about our approach to this issue with regards to a number of recent client projects.”

The Scottish Device Developers Conference was a one-day event for engineers, designers and computer scientists working to develop intelligent systems and devices and took place on the 5th June, at Uphall. The Conference was well attended and enabled software and hardware developers to explore new tools and technologies, discover new suppliers and learn from industry experts.

Consisting of a vendor exhibition, a broad range of technical presentations and several half-day technical workshops, The Scottish Device Developers’ Conference was a worthwhile and productive day for those working in the field of embedded systems and mission critical computing.

“We are excited to be running this event in Scotland and to have Abelon Systems presenting,” said Richard Blackburn, Conference Manager. “There is a lot of impressive research and development taking place in this region, so we feel sure that this event will be seen as an attractive opportunity for developers to further enhance their skills and knowledge. It will also be an important opportunity for them to meet leading tools and technology vendors from around the world, all under one roof.”


Device Developers conference 2014

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