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Abelon Systems partner with EDMI to produce smart meters for the Italian market.

Abelon Systems have partnered with leading smart meter manufacturer EDMI to produce a series of innovative meters for the Italian market.


Abelon and EDMI have worked together to develop sophisticated and innovative firmware, enabling standalone communications and a metering application that is designed specifcially for the Italian market.


EDMI will supply 2i Rete Gas with an initial tranche of 45,000 meters. Two new models of the EDMI Helios series customised to the Italian market, covering both G4 and G6 sized meters will be installed in 8 cities among 24 chosen by 2i Rete Gas in the first phase of their large rollout across Italy.


Ninety-five percent of the meters will be deployed with wireless M-BUS communications working on the 169 MHz frequency band, the primary choice by 2i Rete Gas as the main technical solution for remote reading of gas meters, communicating with 2i Rete Gas selected data concentrators, as envisaged by the European standard EN 13757 and the Italian UNI CIG 11291-11. The remaining 5%, of meters supplied will be deployed with point-to-point technology (GSM-GPRS), and essentially covers individual installations of meters mainly in rural or low-density areas.



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