Embedded solutions for the Internet of Things

About our company

We are the convergence point for companies looking to assemble all the pieces of an IoT jigsaw

Abelon fits seamlessly into the modern smart landscape with our wide-ranging technical proficiency. We will help guide you through all levels of the connected world – communications, monitoring, mobile & cloud – providing our development expertise and moving your company into the age of IoT.

The Internet-of-Things is not just a single concept. It requires many different facets of technology to create a truly integrated solution.

Our Services

Reliable, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of IoT systems.

From sensor integration to cloud applications, our modular and extensible solutions are implemented around the integration of wide-ranging hardware components and open communications standards

Communication Technologies

Make use of Abelon’s experience to equip objects with the right communications technology and sensors and connect them via gateways to the Internet.

Process Control & Data Collection

We design data acquisition and control systems that provide reliable, cost-effective real-time monitoring, management and control solutions. Our mission is to help you transfer sensitive data reliably, accurately and efficiently.

Project Management & Consultancy

Using techniques developed for the smart metering market where reliability and accuracy of data gathering and management are crucial, we have the knowledge to develop robust and scalable management systems to fulfil this role.

Web-Enabled & Cloud Applications

From sensor integration to cloud applications, Abelon designs highly-reliable, cost-effective monitoring, management and control solutions for all aspects of IoT systems.

Database Solutions

Abelon has the vital IT skills and experience to provide you with a bespoke database system, whatever size or type of corporation.

Mobile Solutions

From bespoke systems to platform-based solutions, Abelon engineers’ knowledge and experience of developing mobile applications are second to none.

ISO-9001 Certification

Proficient in leading projects or working in partnership with your in-house engineers

Whether you are a startup looking to get serious about building a profitable business, or an established company looking to create a new product or develop an existing one, come and talk to us about what we can do to help.

Case Studies

Learn more about our approach through past projects we have worked on

Our founding principles are ability, trust and reliability. In other words; if you need an embedded systems company which can expertly deliver your project to budget, on time and provide essential support, you can count on Abelon.

Process Control & Data Acquisition
Communications Technologies
Project Management & Consultancy
Process Control & Data Acquisition

Where can IoT development take you?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of devices embedded with electronics (including sensors, actuators and network connectivity) and software that enables those devices to collect and exchange data. According to Gartner there will be nearly 21 billion devices on the IoT by 2020. Underpinning this is the emergence of reliable, low-power monitoring and data acquisition technology – for smart homes, smart cities, smart grids and smart manufacturing. Everything is going smart and Abelon fits seamlessly into this smart landscape with our wide ranging technical proficiency.


Real world IoT systems are rarely brand new, green field projects, and can often involve the integration of legacy systems or existing infrastructure. It is often the case however that vital pieces are missing and this is where Abelon can provide bespoke components to help you assemble the complete eco-system.
If this sounds like your situation then contact us today and let us assist you to the next level in advanced IoT solutions.

Abelon recently announced the release of its ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT) Reference Platform, an integrated, feature-rich system that allows rapid prototyping and development of new designs, so products can be created in a much shorter time.

The IoT Reference Platform supports a wide variety of sensor types and communications technologies, including Bluetooth 5. The platform has two main variants; one with GPS for tracking mobile assets, the other for data acquisition and/or monitoring of static assets.

Our Bike Tracker is the company’s first product to be based upon this platform, which has already been used for a number of other customer products. Abelon received a prestigious SMART Award grant to help bring the product to market.

Whether you are a startup looking to get serious about building a profitable business, or an established company looking to create a new product or develop an existing one, come and talk to us about what we can do to help.


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