Ian Smith, Managing Director

As a qualified Chartered Engineer, Ian has three decades’ experience leading and implementing complex technical projects on a national and international scale.  His ability to understand and embrace cutting-edge technology means that Ian is a highly skilled embedded systems engineer.  In his capacity as Managing Director, Ian’s innovative thinking has led to a number of awards for clients. 

He is also known for his commitment to see each project to fruition, regardless of its complexities. 

Ian is a regular guest lecturer at Heriot Watt University, sharing his experience with future engineering talent.

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Duncan Walker, Director

With over 25 years’ experience designing and integrating embedded systems, Duncan possesses a thorough background in networking, telecommunications, development and customisation.  Duncan leads all systems architecture development and is hands-on, supervising the progress of major client projects.   

For a project to run smoothly and successfully, Duncan firmly believes in transparent project management, clearly-defined goals and the exchange of engineering intelligence.

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Adrian McKie, Director

Adrian is Abelon's prominent project manager and consultant across all client accounts.  With a background in systems design and software architecture, Adrian started his career as a scientist at the National Physical Laboratory developing and testing the OSI communication standard. Then at Spider Software, working with Microsoft and Reuters, he developed one of the first platform independent OSI implementations.  Later he became a Systems Architect for Lucent responsible for the direction of its 70-strong software and hardware development team.

At Abelon,  Adrian instrumental in exploring high level systems architecture and product design. From an embedded system to big systems integration, thanks to Adrian's knowledge and experience, clients are assured they are in safe hands.

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