Communications Technologies

With two decades’ experience designing embedded telecoms systems, Abelon is highly skilled in developing and implementing complex, reliable systems that utilise cutting-edge protocols and telecoms technology.

Bespoke design or systems integration

There are times when existing communication technologies don’t fit an application proposition and a bespoke design is required.  Perhaps you want a mobile application to take advantage of low cost SMS messaging.  The use of binary SMS can provide a secure, flexible and cost effective 2-way transport for your application data. 

Alternatively you may need the higher bandwidth requirements of 3G/4G, LTE, WiMax, WiFi or even fixed line communications for an “always-on” location-based service. We can design a bespoke application protocol tailored to your needs or customise existing standards to meet your requirements.

Narrow band Wide Area Network (NB-WAN) communication protocols are also starting to take hold, and Abelon is an early adopter of SIGFOX, one of the emerging standards for long range, low power data delivery. The low bandwidth availability for these NB-WAN standards can be a challenge, but Abelon's extensive experience of protocol design allows us to make the most of the available throughput.

Data Delivery

Given the insecure nature of sending data, it’s vital to have cast-iron security technology to authenticate and encrypt your high value data.  Abelon are data security specialists.   We can deploy hardware assisted and firmware encryption systems.  We also supply authentication, key distribution and management solutions.  Crucially, Abelon can secure your application’s encryption technology - from manufacture through to field deployment.  System and data security are part of the solution.

Our capabilities:

Wireless communication technologies including:

  • GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE and 4G
  • Wi-Fi
  • WiMax
  • ZigBee
  • Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Custom low power radio 433MHz or 868MHz systems

Telecoms and Internet Protocol development and deployment, including:

  • TCP/IP (V4/V6), ISDN, X.25, PPP,  PPPoE
  • Voice and data network protocols including Voice over IP, ATM, MPLS, H.248
  • Application Development for Packet and Circuit Telephony, Remote Access, Routing, Security and Media Gateway Systems
  • Utilising only the best of telecoms technology from industry leaders e.g. Metaswitch

Traditional field bus systems including:

  • RS-485
  • BACnet
  • CANbus
  • ModBus/RTU
  • ModBus/TCP
  • PMbus

Bus and backplane interface systems including:

  • Industry-standard platforms e.g. cPCI; VME or custom-made, ultra-high speed serial mesh backplanes
  • Development of robust, flexible and secure communications channels over interface buses e.g. SPI, I2C and traditional interfaces e.g. RS-232

Integration of systems and peripherals to create a bespoke solution designed specifically around your needs, including:

  • MCU/CPU and periperhal board design
  • Low power battery powered designs
  • RTOS customisation and low-level device driver development
  • Integration of third-party protocol stacks with software applications

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