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Enabling Your Smart Meter Product

Building Smart Metering products is complex.  The device must safely and securely measure energy consumption as meters have done for decades, but a Smart Meter must also accurately calculate bills, be a part of the energy supplier’s systems and be a part of the customer’s information network. 

The Smart Meter can be seen as part of the on-going Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud revolution.  It is also a key part of the national smart grid infrastructure. You won’t yet be controlling your Smart Meter with your phone, but you will have access to your bill, your energy use and innovative Smart tariffs that can meter energy at special rates and times.  Smart metering is all about communications, but not those prevalent in a typical cloud.

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Abelon IoT Reference Platform featured in PC World Article

The recently announced IoT Reference Platform from Abelon Systems has been included in a Bluetooth 5 product review article from PC World. Alongside products from well-respected vendors Texas Instruments and Nordic Semiconductor, the Abelon platform is one of the first to support the new Bluetooth 5 standard to help our customers reduce costs and timescales for new product development.

Abelon Releases IoT Reference Platform with Bluetooth 5

IoT Ref Base small

Abelon Systems is pleased to announce the release of their new Internet of Things Reference Platform which includes support for Bluetooth 5, the new low power wireless technology standard with increased range and data throughput.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a well-established concept although Abelon have been working in the sphere for many years and are one of the leading exponents in the design of reliable, low power monitoring and data acquisition products.
The new Abelon platform uses a flexible modular architecture and has two main variants, one for tracking mobile assets and the other for data acquisition or monitoring of static assets, both of which are capable of using a variety of sensor types.

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New Bike Tracker Product Announced


Bike Tracker product from embedded systems experts Abelon Systems is based on IoT Reference Platform

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Abelon Systems joins Technology Scotland

Abelon Systems are pleased to announce we are now members of Technology Scotland. 

Networking with other like-minded technology companies is very important to us and the Technology Scotland events and activities allow us to meet new and existing customers and discuss opportunities for collaberation, as well as getting updates from leading industry figures.

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