Abelon Systems to Present at NSRI Technology and Innovation Showcase

Edinburgh based embedded systems company Abelon has announced that it will be presenting at the NSRI Technology and Innovation Showcase to be held on September 23rd at the Village Hotel, Kingswells, Aberdeen.

Abelon Systems Managing Director Ian Smith will present a talk on some of the "Do's and Don'ts" of outsourcing software development and how Abelon Systems can help our customers benefit from our expertise.

"Designing products for use in offshore or subsea applications can present some of the biggest challenges a product designer has to face and using experienced designers can help to reduce risk, timescales and costs" said Ian Smith.

"Abelon Systems brings a background of many years designing intelligent solutions for this challenging market and we think we think we can help other clients increase their ROI on product development."

The National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) is the research arm of Subsea UK. It has been set up to bring academia and industry together to collaborate on getting technology to market much more quickly. The NSRI aims to be the focal point for the co-ordination of research and development activities for the UK’s subsea oil and gas sector.

The Technology and Innovation Showcase is a one-day event for engineers, designers and computer scientists working to develop intelligent systems and devices and will take place on September 23rd at the Village Hotel, Kingswells, Aberdeen.

Twelve innovative companies will present a ten minute elevator pitch on their technology/product/service to an invited audience of end users technology end users.  Presenters will speak about recent successful deployments of technology products and services or alternatively have near to market offerings that they are ready to present to the industry. 


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