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Alternative Project Management Strategies

Here is an interesting link to a presentation with some comparisons of different approaches to project management.

Here at Abelon we use various management strategies tailored to the needs of individual projects, but we like Agile because it keeps projects on time and never compromises on quality.

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Smart Meters and the Internet of Things

Smart Meters and the Internet of Things
Helios meter hires sm

Embedded systems as a specific market and technology emerged shortly after the invention of the microprocessor and microcontroller and before the emergence of the PC. Historically the market has matured rapidly to the present day, the common factor being a general increase in the available processing power and corresponding decrease in the physical size of the system required to carry out a specific task. Performance has increased dramatically since those early days and the development of pervasive mobile networks has contributed to the growth of the market by facilitating the use of "Machine-to-Machine" (M2M) wireless communications to allow remote monitoring and management.

M2M systems use network resources to communicate with remote application infrastructure for the purposes of monitoring and control, either of the device itself, or the surrounding environment. Recent sensor developments have meant that low power systems are capable of continuously monitoring their environment while permitting battery life of up to ten years or even more. This M2M market has now expanded to fuel a new family of embedded systems where smart (intelligent) devices are connected together to interact with each other and their environment. This has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and is one of the most talked about trends of recent years.

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Abelon Systems partner with EDMI to produce smart meters for the Italian market.

Abelon Systems have partnered with leading smart meter manufacturer EDMI to produce a series of innovative meters for the Italian market.

Abelon and EDMI have worked together to develop sophisticated and innovative firmware, enabling standalone communications and a metering application that is designed specifcially for the Italian market.

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Abelon Systems join Gemalto Partner Programme

Edinburgh based embedded systems company Abelon Systems have announced that it has joined the Gemalto Partner Programme as an Integration Partner.

Abelon have been working for several years with Gemalto M2M and Smart Card products, and have acquired considerable experience with these, particularly with Gemalto's Cinterion modules as the core communication device in order to optimize the performance and capabilities of M2M systems they have designed for their customers.

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Abelon Systems Present at Scottish Device Developer Conference

Interface board
Device Developers conference 2014

Edinburgh based embedded systems company Abelon recently presented at The Scottish Device Developers' Conference held on 5th June 2014 at Uphall near Edinburgh.

Abelon Systems Managing Director Ian Smith presented a talk on "Hardware Integration Choices - Make versus Buy", and used examples from case studies from a number of Abelon client projects to highlight some of the trade-offs and decisions which were made, and the impact they had on reducing overall cost and design timescales

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