Building Smart Metering products is complex.  The device must safely and securely measure energy consumption as meters have done for decades, but a Smart Meter must also accurately calculate bills, be a part of the energy supplier’s systems and be a part of the customer’s information network. 

The Smart Meter can be seen as part of the on-going Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud revolution.  It is also a key part of the national smart grid infrastructure. You won’t yet be controlling your Smart Meter with your phone, but you will have access to your bill, your energy use and innovative Smart tariffs that can meter energy at special rates and times.  Smart metering is all about communications, but not those prevalent in a typical cloud.

Delivering the communications between the Meter and the supplier is the DLMS/COSEM standard. The data model, messaging, security and communications profiles are all part of this standard.

Over the last decade Abelon Systems have provided our certified[1] AbelSmart DLMS/COSEM libraries to some of the biggest manufacturers of Smart Meters. We have built up industry leading expertise in building low-power, low-footprint, ultra-reliable embedded DLMS/COSEM Smart Meter designs.

This expertise can also be used to enable meter worker tools, Smart Meter test systems and other telematics requirements.

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[1] AbelSmart, as part of a SMETS-2 Smart meter design has been certified conformant by the DLMS User Association.