Mobile Solutions

Abelon is privileged to have been engaged with leading global brands including Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.  We therefore understand the technological challenges in developing bespoke mobile software and hardware – plus the need to access your system from any location.  From bespoke systems to platform-based solutions, Abelon engineers’ knowledge and experience of developing mobile applications are second to none. 

Our background in the development of mobile applications for a range of PDA and mobile devices means that we are well placed to generate solutions that satisfy your mobile application needs.

Mobile Development Issues

Developing software for mobile devices presents its own particular set of problems.  Abelon understands the issues and challenges involved. We can produce software and advise on specific issues such as:

  • Optimising applications for limited processor, memory and power resources
  • Always on usage and abrupt application closure
  • Portability across multiple operating system and hardware platforms
  • Developing user friendly Graphical User Interfaces for small touch screen and/or keypad operation

In addition to these, our extensive background in communication technologies places us in an excellent position to make the best of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G networks by ensuring network/data cost minimisation, secure transfer of information and secure deployment scenarios.

We have worked closely with many of the leading mobile operators such as Vodafone, O2, Orange and Telenor and have a unique insight into the internal operations of these companies.

Abelon understands the diverse number of options that exist in selecting hardware and software platforms.  With our experience, we can advise on how best to satisfy your requirements.

Cross Sector Experience

Abelon does not believe there should be rigid dividing walls between technology sectors.  We have extensive experience of working on remote asset management, web server design, embedded database access and fixed line, machine-to-machine communications.  This experience allows us to apply mobile technologies - such as WAP, SMS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G/4G - to new markets which produces novel solutions to existing problems.

Our capabilities:

  • Handling major operating systems including iOS, Android, Symbian, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Linux and BREW platform
  • Advising on optimising applications for limited processor, memory and power resources
  • Managing always on usage and abrupt application closure
  • Implementing portability across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms
  • Developing user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces for small touch screen and/or keypad operation
  • Merging existing technologies (web server design, embedded database access, fixed line machine to machine communications, remote asset management)
  • Application of mobile technologies e.g. WAP, SMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

Abelon understands the diverse and complex mobile choices available to you – that’s why our team is ready to help today.

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